Full Body Workout Routine You can do at Home

I was chit chatting with Shruti today morning. We were having a discussion on relationships. Since we both are single, we were trying to find out the reason we do not fall for any boy that easily. Shruti said,” I believe he is out there somewhere pumping some iron” .. Lollzz! We shared some sincere analysis and we laughed our hearts out :P. Shruti also told me that the missfit group that she started on fb, gets a lot of queries for home workouts. I realized that I have not shared any home workout plan from long so why not write one today. Here it goes

This one is what I did in my last circuit training class.
1. 25 Suryanamskars for warm up. Do not do these 25 Sns very quickly. Hold in downward dog for 5 to 6 breaths (Take big, oxygen rich breaths. breathe like a king :P).. Its a warm up you see

2. Sit in child’s pose for 5-6 breaths.

3. Come close to your staircase and do quick step up and step down for 1 minute. Try to do quickly as many times possible.

4. Do incline push ups on the first step of your stair case. Do it the same way as shown in the image. Take your elbows inwards when you come down and when you come up feel your chest muscles working.. Let them squeeze. This works on the flabby triceps and lose breasts. Do it for 1 minutes as many rounds possible. Also note that any exercise that bring your arms in front of your chest, work your chest muscles.. Try it

5. Lunge on the Stair case for 1 minutes as many rounds possible. Change Sides after each lunge. As in lunge from left leg then lunge from right leg and so on. Take care to lunge properly. Abs braced, go up and down in one plane. Check out the proper way of doing lunges and other exercises from our compilation of workout videos HERE

6. Do all of these big 5 Pilates exercises for abs

It ain’t over yet.. Do 3 sets of exercises mentioned from 2nd to 6th number. Take a recovery break of 1 mins in between. To increase the challenge you can do 3 sets of all the exercises from start to beginning. You can do suryanamaskars quickly in the repeat sets. Keep going, remember there is a uber fit body on the other side of completing the workout Stretch stretch stretch, relax, take a few breaths, do some relaxing chants and go rock your day:) Also try to beat your own score in every round.


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