How To Do Simple Face Clean-up at Home

Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

Today, I will be writing about face clean-up technique that I follow at home and which I adhere to. This procedure of face clean-up suits my skin type as I use all the products which are tried and tested on my skin and which do not harm/discolor or tend to breakout my skin. I have combination skin with an excessive oily T-zone and my skin is acne-prone Hence, I prefer to use products which do not have any harmful chemicals or complex substances. This isn’t any fancy clean-up, just a few simple steps for a healthy-looking supple skin. So, let’s get started on the products used and steps to be followed.
Things you will need:
Cleanser/face wash which suits your skin.
Cleansing milk/foam.
Facial Sauna for steam. You can even do without this and can simply use a utensil filled with water and heat it to produce steam.
Facial scrub.
A face mask suitable for your skin type.
Under eye cream (if you prefer to use it or you can skip it).
Rose water.

This face cleanup can be customized according to an individual’s needs or skin type. I am penning down the method which suits my skin. Here is the list of products I use for this cleanup regimen:
Cetaphil cleansing lotion.
Ayur herbal deep pore cleansing milk.
Lotus white glow oatmeal and yoghurt scrub.
Dabur Honey.
Himalaya almond and cucumber peel off mask.
Garnier light daily moisturizer with SPF 15.
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner.
Himalaya under eye cream.

Now, that we know what all we need, the procedure is simple and the end result is amazing.

Steps For Clean-Up:
Wash face thoroughly with a facial cleanser or face wash of your choice and pat the skin dry with a soft napkin.

Take generous quantity of cleaning milk or lotion on a cotton pad and wipe the face to remove any dirt particles and to unclog the pores.

Steam your face for as long as your skin can sustain and then gently wipe the face with a facial tissue.

Take a clean bobby pin and use the end to remove any blackheads on the face. Make sure you do not squeeze any pimple and be very gentle while doing this. If you are not sure how to do it, it’s better to skip this step rather than subjecting the face to marks or even more breakouts.
Again, wipe your face with a clean napkin. Now, take an ice cube and gently massage it on the face in circular movements. This will help tighten the pores which have opened up due to the steam and will also bring back the skin temperature to normal.

Take a generous amount of any facial scrub you like and gently exfoliate the face in circular movements. Continue to exfoliate for about 8-10 minutes till the scrub dries out a little.

Source-makeup and beauty.