Can a modern day career girl have 'dreams'

New Delhi, Jan.18 (ANI): This interesting novel is focused on the experience of a young girl who wants to make a mark in her career, and hopes to get married to a person of her choice.

As depicted in Hindi films, she looks forward to falling in love with a person of her choice and getting married.

But it does not turn out that way. Once she attains 'marriageable age', her parents look for a boy, and conclude an 'arranged marriage'. She cannot say no to her parents, as it would disturb the peace in her house.

Poornima accepts that marriage is at best complicated. Perhaps arranged marriages are not always bad. After all, not everyone falls in love Arranged marriages ensure that everyone gets a life partner, if not love.

She meets the boys, including their parents, but things don't work out. She decides to put an end to the ordeal by agreeing to a proposal. In one case, even the engagement is finalized, but it does not end up in marriage.

Poornima then decides to concentrate on her career, and hopes to become a chartered accountant. She has to keep her parents happy and continues to meet boys to conclude an 'arranged marriage'.

To put an end to the tension at home, she decides to agree to a proposal, and a second 'engagement ' is concluded. But she does not realize that in her office someone had fallen in love with her, and she had, in a way, been responding to him.

A crisis arises again. How does it end? If you are a girl of 'marriageable age' pursuing a career in a metropolitan city of India, buy the novel. It will help you making a decision.

Aditi Bhan is a journalist. In a racy novel of 51 chapters, titled "When Are You Getting Married?", she narrates the story of a present day career girl, her dreams, and how they are realized. The 179 page book has been published by Partridge

Mr. I. Ramamohan Rao is a former Principal Information Officer (PIO) to the Government of India.