7 reasons every woman should go on at least one solo trip

Most people, especially women, are afraid to take a solo trip. But we must tell you, that it is absolutely fun! As long as you take precautions and travel safely, traveling along is an amazing experience. While traveling alone, one has to take care of everything, right from the tickets to the luggage and of oneself too. This is a learning experience! Here’s 7 reasons why every woman should take a solo trip!

1. Sense of freedom

When you take a solo trip, you will realise the true meaning of freedom. While ordering food, choosing your outfit and such other lil things, the sense of freedom you will feel is priceless!
2. Learn to be more responsible

When one travels alone, one tends to act more responsibly. Most girls are used to relying on their better half, male besties, brothers or father. But on a solo trip, you will learn being responsible for everything, right from your actions to taking care of your belongings. If you were to find yourself in a situation, you will have to deal with it on your own, teaching you yet another thing!

3. Do what you WANT

When without a companion on a trip, you get to do whatever you want, as you please! You aren’t answerable to anyone for drinking that extra glass of beer or for dancing wildly. You can be yourself in a hippie dress or a pair of shorts that YOU like and enjoy, like never before! Nothing to hold you back!

4. Meet new, interesting folks

A solo female traveler is bound to attract a lot of attention, sometimes not in a good way. While you ought to be careful, there’s no harm in chitchatting with the locals or some new people at a restaurant, without giving away too much personal information. You will be surprised by the knowledge that people around you have to share!

5. Boosted confidence

Yes, this does happen! Whether you are the shy, introvert type or the bubbly babe, you will notice a boost in your confidence post a solo trip. This is a result of fending for yourself against unwanted attention and being responsible for your actions, courtesy, solo trip!

6. Know yourself better

While traveling alone, one gets closer to oneself. Wanderlust begins a new journey to the center of yourself. What more, many have dealt with their problems while on a trip, alone! Be it a heartbreak, loss of a dear one or a hectic work schedule, when you will take a break and spend time with none, but yourself, you will learn to deal with your issues better.

7. Distance makes hearts grow fonder

Last, but not the least, we must say that distance makes hearts grow fonder. Sometimes, when you leave a loved one home and take a trip by yourself, both of you will realise each other’s value. So, it helps improve relationships too, no kidding!